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If you are not happy with the quality of our cleaning or repairs, please contact us within 48 hours of picking your items up. We aim to have all complaints dealt with within 48 hours where possible.

Repairs and alterations

All repairs are carried out according to the instructions that you give us. You will be required to sign confirming the instructions given by yourself. We do not take any responsibility if these instructions are wrong. The cost will be confirmed before the work is carried out.


All cleaning will be carried out in accordance of the care instructions on your items. Upon an item being deposited without a care label, we will do our best to advise you of the best way to process your item and any risk that may be involved. If you still wish to proceed with the cleaning of your item you will be required to sign your ticket giving us permission to go ahead with the process agreed. In the event that the item is damaged in any way, we will not accept responsibility.

While we will try to remove all stains this is not always possible. Removal of stains can depend on several things such as the nature and the age of the stain. The type of material or whether you have attempted to treat the stain yourself. We cannot be held responsible for such things as colour fading or sun damage.

We can not accept responsibility for zips or buttons that are damaged during the process, but we do make every effort to protect them as best as we can.

Wedding dress service

All wedding dresses will be inspected at the counter and any possible cleaning problems will be pointed out at this time. We will only process wedding dresses in accordance with their care label. While we will aim to get your dress back to its original condition this is not always possible due to the types of material or staining on them. We can accept no responsibility for any damage to or caused by the beading on the dress. Should we recommend the removal of beads or other decorations on the dress this will incur an extra cost to yourself.

Curtain cleaning service

There is an element of risk when curtains are cleaned. We cannot accept responsibility for sun damage to the colour or to the linings. If the linings are sun damaged to badly this can cause the linings to fall apart during the process. If you have blackout or thermal linings these can deteriorate or melt during the process. Water damage to the curtains or linings is unlikely to come out.

If you have asked us to take down and rehang your curtains for you, we expect the area around the windows to be clear. We will not be held responsible for any damage incurred.


Items not collected within 3 months from the date of deposit will be donated to charity. We will make every effort to contact you 2 weeks before this deadline arrives.

Service Washes

All service washes are washed at 40 degrees and dried at 65 degrees. As individual items are not checked, we cannot be held responsible for any damage including shrinkage or missing items. We do not separate colours, it is the customer’s responsibility to do this and they will be charged for each wash accordingly.